Favorite Links

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Watermelon-Mountain-Jug-Band/372824032800762?fref=ts  Our Facebook page is a work in process!! More to come.

Whiskey for Breakfast Records’ CD “Jugs Across America:The Watermelon Mountain Jug Band was chosen by Jim Kweskin and Banjo Kellie as one of America’s 20 top jug bands.

Listen to the live interview on Art of the Song Creativity Radio (2010) for National Public Radio with John and Vivian Nesbitt

Ben Perea played the New Mexico State guitar at the dedication ceremony at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. The State of New Mexico commissioned Pimentel Guitars to build the guitar and the Pimentel family asked Ben to do the honors. It certainly was an honor!

Gary Oleson frequented Chase Hardware in Albuquerque to buy his washtub bass. Who would have thought such great musical instruments come from a hardware store!!

Barbara Piper has a variety of antique washboards. Some originated from the Columbus Washboard Company. She’s been playing the washboards long enough to qualify as “antique” (the washboards that is…NOT her!!) Check out the Washboard Society.

Imagine a Jug Band Music Society!